Sunday, May 17, 2009


uuugh, i managed to do absolutely nothing today. nothing. it's horrible. i have great resentment for events that drag me out of the house during finals period. holed up for two weeks on my own, no interactions with anybody or anything, is probably unhealthy, but the way i like to roll. these obligatory departmental parties and stuff? i love to go to them, but the timing, the timing. two exams on monday. marathon party tomorrow. every day this week of finals EXCEPT for tuesday, glorious day, i've left my house. i do not like this. i need uninterrupted time. i need some distance from the phone too, and have not been very successful at that, given tonight's 3+ hour conversation with a very hilarious friend, whose distractions are delightful, but very improperly timed. ugh. im determined to get the first paragraph for a 25 pager due on thursday done before i go to sleep.....or perhaps i should work on one of the two papers due on tuesday? argh, i just need to commit. i've been going back and forth all day.

...i've been eating salads and frosted mini-wheats? how am i gaining weight? finals ugggggh, it does it to me. i need to school year?

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vaginaphilosophy said...

depending on what is going in the salad, salads can be extremely fattening!! i found this great recipe for a walnut, blue cheese salad with lots of fresh greens and low cal dressing--i was horrified when i looked and saw that the fat count was 29 grams! maybe the sugar, too, from the frosted mini wheats? at least you're getting veggies though with the salad. i've been eating, nay binging, on lemon cooler cookie cookie dough! what am i doing??

summer's almost here. don't get too down on yourself.